Linda Laurus is the founder and Executive Director of the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Linda’s professional experience lies in policy and communications consulting for the federal government, with an educational background at McGill University and Algonquin College. Linda has more than 18 years’ experience working with wildlife, as a volunteer for other rehabilitation centres and founder of the sanctuary in 2005.

Sarah Beauregard attended the University of Toronto and became our Wildlife Care Coordinator in 2014 after two years’ experience as a full-time intern. Sarah takes a keen interest in helping our critical wildlife patients, learning advanced medical skills and coordinating daily operations. She is also our resident wildlife photographer, whose incredible photos you will see throughout our publications and website.

Melissa Henry, studying biology at Carleton University, was our seasonal Hotline and Administration Coordinator in 2014. She was also a full-time intern in 2013. Melissa helped hundreds of area residents with their wildlife questions and ensured we stayed organized. Her advanced knowledge of animal care proved valuable in mentoring interns and volunteers.