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If you have found an injured or orphaned wild mammal or turtle, or have a wildlife problem, please first visit our Orphaned or Injured Wildlife and Wildlife Conflicts pages to see if there is a solution to your situation or interim instructions. If you still need help with wild mammals or turtles:

Call us at 613-258-9480 or send us an email

Your call to RVWS will likely be answered by our voicemail because we do not have a receptionist and likely have a baby in our hands.

We check messages as frequently as possible and try to return urgent, wildlife emergency calls twice a day from April to October. Non-emergency calls are returned within 48 hours. Please be patient and leave only one message. Each call requires careful consideration and time, and the most urgent calls are returned first.

From November to March, please send us an email for any wildlife related concerns as we have minimal staff during this time.

If you have an after-hours wildlife emergency (an animal is in imminent danger or suffering), contact your local animal control agency or humane society. Otherwise, leave a message on our hotline and we will return your call in the morning.

Our Region
The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary cares for orphaned and injured wild mammals and turtles found in the Ottawa and Rideau valleys. If you have found an animal outside this region, or an animal we do not care for (e.g. a wild bird), please click to find a rehabber.

Our street address is not published since RVWS is not a public drop-in centre. Please do not bring animals to RVWS without first speaking with our hotline staff, as there are many situations that we can resolve over the phone. Also, whenever RVWS receives a call about a potentially orphaned wild mammal, our first priority is to determine if the baby can be reunited with its mother, who is better at raising her young than we are.

To drop off wildlife or arrange a visit, call us at 613-258-9480 or email for an appointment and directions.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 266, North Gower, ON K0A 2T0
Tel: 613-258-9480

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