Here are some of the most notable before and after photos of our patients this year.

Striped Skunk

Alfalfa was admitted this spring with a severe case of mange; she was almost completely bald. She received four antiparasitic treatments and her fur began to grow back. She was back to her furry self and released in late summer.

peach fuzz skunk peach fuzz 1

Eastern Coyote

Wiley the coyote, admitted last November with a severe case of mange, infections and a fractured pelvis, made his great escape back to the wild in March. From start to finish, the release lasted about 5 seconds!

IMG 2396 wiley release 170413 1

Common Raccoon

Donna was orphaned when a wildlife control company excluded a mother raccoon from an attic. The mother returned for three of the four babies. Donna and her roomies were released at the end of August in a rural forest.

IMG 0461 DSC 5534 1

Red Squirrel

Skittles came to us as a newborn orphan, weighing a mere 10 g. Now at 70 g, and with several buddies to keep her company, she should be ready for release in a few weeks.

IMG 0792 1 IMG 2580