Not long ago, a kind citizen rescued a wounded raccoon. When the raccoon arrived at RVWS, it was obvious that he had injuries to his face and had trouble walking. He was dehydrated and too scrawny to survive the winter.

Someone had shot the raccoon with a BB gun. X-rays clearly showed where the shots penetrated his jaw. He also suffered from a fractured jaw and leg.

We quickly got to work, providing medical treatment, easing his pain with anti-inflammatories and treating his infection with antibiotics. With lots of loving care and plenty of rest, “Bobby” is well on his way to recovery.

Vulnerable wildlife like Bobby would not stand a chance this winter without treatment. The winter can take a toll on wildlife’s ability to forage and the frigid temperatures make it even more urgent to help wildlife in distress.

We need your help to save more animals like Bobby and others like him.

Please give a second chance at life to Bobby.

Your gift today will help provide Bobby with the kindness and care, medical support, comfortable surroundings and nutritious food to help him recover and get back home to a life free in the wild.