Our volunteer drivers help with essential transportation of wildlife and supplies from the Ottawa area to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in North Gower. Wildlife are secured in carriers so animal handling is not required. For those who are willing to drive longer distances, it also involves transferring wildlife patients between other wildlife rehabilitators in Ontario. Dedicated volunteers also have the opportunity to help release animals back to the wild.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • valid Ontario driver’s license
  • access to a vehicle
  • participation in a general orientation training session


  • transport wildlife that are secured in carriers (drivers are not required to handle wildlife) from private individuals or the Ottawa Humane Society
  • pick-up and deliver donated supplies from Ottawa-area businesses
  • collect donated items at drop-off centres in Ottawa (e.g. Kanata, Nepean, Manotick)
  • for those willing to drive longer distances, transfer wildlife patients to and from other wildlife rehabilitation centres (e.g. Ottawa Valley, Napanee, Peterborough, Rosseau)
  • for those with a pick-up truck or a trailer, pick up or deliver larger items such as caging and construction supplies
  • for those with extra training provided by RVWS, transport wildlife to release sites

Time Commitment

Volunteer drivers serve on an on-call basis so they do not have set hours, but we do ask for a commitment of at least two drives per month. We keep a roster of volunteer drivers with their availability and when a driver is needed, we contact all available volunteers who might be able to help.