Wild Life sanctuary

RVWS welcomes community and corporate project teams. Whether a team of 4 or 20 or more, group volunteers help with half-day or full-day projects. Groups help us accomplish projects quickly and efficiently, which means volunteers are able see the impact of their valuable time at the end of the day. Group projects usually involve cage building, nesting box building, grounds maintenance and landscaping, cleaning and organizing projects, other light maintenance tasks and special events. All groups will receive a personalized tour of the rehabilitation centre in North Gower where they will be able to see wildlife being fed behind one-way viewing windows. Group volunteer days usually include a barbeque lunch and drinks. Donations from corporate groups are encouraged but not required. Please note that group volunteers are not allowed to work with wildlife as extensive training is required.


  • 16 years of age or older
  • transportation to RVWS (no public transit available)

Time Commitment

Group volunteering consists of half-day, full-day or weekend projects. Group projects can take place during the week or on weekends.


If you would like to arrange a group volunteering project, please contact us at 613-258-9480 or by email.