BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, please follow the links on the left for instructions on the age and species you need help with. The instructions will help you determine if the animal needs to be rescued or not, and next steps.

If you still need help, send an email to with a detailed description, the location the animal was found, a photo and your phone number. We rely on digital communication as we do not have full time staffing resources to monitor and respond to the volume of phone calls we receive.

For birds, contact the Wild Bird Care Centre at 613-854-2849.


It’s illegal for the public to care for wildlife

Please remember that wild animals need specialized care and medical treatment that only a licensed wildlife rehabilitator can provide. In Ontario, it is illegal for the general public to care for wildlife.

It’s illegal to trap and relocate wildlife

In Ontario, it’s illegal to trap and relocate wildlife more than 1 km. Click here for more information. There are easy ways to solve wildlife problems so contact us for advice at