2023 Summer Job Opportunities

May 23, 2023|

These jobs are made possible under the Canada Summer Jobs program. To be eligible under the program, youth must: be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the employment (youth do not need to be current [...]

2022 Calendar Is Here!

May 23, 2023|

Calendars are $20 each plus postage. All proceeds benefit wildlife. The calendar features beautiful photos, quick facts and stories of our wild patients. Order here.

RVWS Is Hiring!

May 22, 2023|

RVWS is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic Operations Manager to lead and grow all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation operations and related services. See the PDF job description for details. The position will remain open until filled.

The 2023 Calendar Is Here!

May 22, 2023|

Each month features wildlife in our care this year, their stories and fun facts. At only $25 each ($22 each for 4 or more calendars) plus postage, they make the perfect gift. Be sure to ORDER NOW as we sell out every [...]

Your Holiday Gift Will Be Matched!

May 22, 2023|

I’m excited to share that several generous supporters have pledged to MATCH YOUR HOLIDAY DONATION, up to a total of $10,000! To provide care for the more than 1,000 injured and orphaned wildlife expected next year, the Sanctuary relies entirely [...]

Wildlife Baby Shower Appeal

September 19, 2022|

As you know, spring is the busiest time of year for the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. We're so glad that there are loyal supporters like you, who we can count on during this challenging season. In just the past few [...]

Should People Feed Wildlife?

August 31, 2022| The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary discourages the feeding of animals in the wild. While feeding wildlife is fun and stems from a genuine care for wildlife, it can be harmful to the animals. Please watch for more info. 

Spring Wildlife Babies

August 31, 2022| Throughout the spring, your donations have helped us to care for almost 500 injured and orphaned wildlife. Here are some of the babies you helped rescue. Thank you!

Help us win $20,000!

June 3, 2021|

This June, every dollar you donate through CanadaHelps enters RVWS for a chance to win $20,000! With donations still down for most charities, your gift will give injured and orphaned wildlife a second chance at life in the wild! Donate [...]

Wildlife Benefit Art Show

March 6, 2021|

Have a beautiful wildlife painting grace your walls and help local wildlife! In March, the Electric Street Gallery in Ottawa is hosting a Wildlife Benefit Show for RVWS featuring a collection of local artist Anita Utas’ original wildlife paintings and [...]

Now Hiring!

February 17, 2021|

RVWS is excited to be hiring 2021 summer student positions! Some fall positions are also available. Some jobs are on-site as we are an essential animal health care organization, other positions can be done remotely. See our Job Opportunities page [...]

RVWS Calendar

November 11, 2020|

Our 2021 calendar is here! The calendar features beautiful photos and stories of our wild patients. Order early as we sold out last year. Shipping begins right away. To order by Paypal, choose the quantity below from the drop-down menu. [...]

Personal Fundraisers Make an Impact

August 4, 2020|

Fundraising for RVWS through social media can have a significant impact and is easier than ever. In 2020 alone, online personal fundraisers have already raised more than $6,500 for the animals at RVWS. You can create your personal fundraising page [...]

Virtual Open House, Aug 4-14

August 4, 2020|

Tune in to Facebook from August 4-14 for a behind-the-scenes look at how your donation helps care for the animals. Every day will feature new posts and videos to give you a peek into the wildlife rehab world, featuring adorable [...]

Before you rescue an animal, STOP and READ…

May 2, 2020|

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, please read the info on our website. RVWS is swamped because of COVID safety measures and many problems can be solved or avoided without our help. Use the links in the left menu for more [...]

RVWS an essential service during the pandemic

April 22, 2020|

As an essential animal welfare organization, RVWS is open for business. While life as we know it has changed dramatically with COVID-19, injured and orphaned wildlife still need our collective help. RVWS has adjusted to the new reality of the [...]

Co-existing with coyotes

November 8, 2018|

Read our one-page fact sheet on coyotes to help dispel myths about them, and give you information to better understand and help you live peacefully with these remarkable creatures.

2019 RVWS Calendar

November 8, 2018|

Our 2019 calendar is here! The calendar features beautiful photos and stories of our wild patients. Order early as we sold out last year. Shipping begins mid-November. To order by Paypal, choose the quantity below. When you click the "buy [...]

B&H grocer comes to the rescue

August 8, 2018|

Huge thanks go out to B&H Your Community Grocer, and owners Jim and Judy Beveridge, for providing weekly donations of meat and fish all summer to help our six orphaned foxes thrive and grow. B&H Your Community Grocer is family [...]

Barrhaven expansion

June 8, 2018|

The highlighted areas on these maps show the expansion of housing in Barrhaven over the years. You can also see expanded agricultural and industrial areas. It's not hard to imagine the impact this has had on wildlife habitat and movement [...]

Open House 2018

May 18, 2018|

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary’s annual Open House will take place June 2 and 3, 2018, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. There will be tours of the wildlife centre where you can see wildlife being fed through one-way viewing [...]

Summer Student Job Opportunities

March 28, 2018|

RVWS is now accepting applications for summer student positions. Please note that these jobs are still pending approval, expected in mid to late April, under the Canada Summer Jobs program. To be eligible under the program, students must: - be [...]

Before and After

October 6, 2017|

Here are some of the most notable before and after photos of our patients this year. Striped Skunk Alfalfa was admitted this spring with a severe case of mange; she was almost completely bald. She received four antiparasitic treatments and [...]

RVWS Bottle Drive

June 19, 2017|

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is holding its first bottle drive to help support the wildlife in our care. We are accepting empty beer/cooler cans and bottles, wine and liquor bottles, and wine boxes. You can drop off bottles anytime [...]

Open House 2017

May 6, 2017|

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary's annual Open House will take place June 3 and 4, 2017, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. There will be tours of the wildlife centre where you can see wildlife being fed through one-way viewing [...]

Summer Student Jobs Available!

May 2, 2017|

Thanks to the federal Canada Summer Jobs program, RVWS is pleased to offer several summer student job opportunities this summer. Click here for details. Apply early as we'll be hiring asap!

Help Prep for Wildlife Baby Season

March 19, 2017|

Volunteers needed to help clean, organize and repair the rehab centre to prepare for the wildlife baby season. We received our first baby squirrel call on March 17, but luckily reunited the baby with mama. Please join us on March 25-26 [...]

Comedy for Critters

February 2, 2017|

Join us for what promises to be a night full of laughs at LIVE! on Elgin, February 20. Featuring Canada's comedy legend, Mike MacDonald, and two other acts, all hosted by Nick Burden. Seats are limited so order early. Address [...]

Dr. Andrea Faught

January 3, 2017|

Dr. Andrea Faught is a full-time physician in the Geriatric Rehabilitation Program and the Stroke Program at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital in Ottawa. Dr. Faught is the former President and Vice-President of the Medical Staff. She was a long-standing member of [...]

Save wildlife with your United Way donation!

October 27, 2016|

You can help wildlife by directing your United Way donation to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Simply use the standard form and provide our charitable registration number (82731 7744 RR0001). Thank you!

Congratulations to Steve Beverly

August 31, 2016|

Steve Beverly, the winning ticket holder of our lottery for two Senators tickets for the game of choice during the 2016-17 season! Thank you everyone for supporting wildlife.

Red Fox Release Video

August 30, 2016|

This adult red fox was brought to RVWS after being hit by a car. She arrived unresponsive and in critical condition, but began to slowly improve after several days of rest and intensive care, which included fluid therapy, and anti-inflammatory and pain [...]

Register Now for 2016 Open House Tickets

May 5, 2016|

Our 2016 annual Open House will be held on Saturday, June 18 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Open House will feature tours of the wildlife centre, musical entertainment, a barbq and bake sale, a fun photo booth, a silent [...]

2016 Wildlife Baby Video

April 25, 2016|

Meet wildlife babies, past and present, progressing from their fragile state when admitted, through to their "teenage” years and release back home to the wild. All thanks to our dedicated donors and team of volunteers.

Bobby the raccoon was shot with a BB gun

December 16, 2015|

Not long ago, a kind citizen rescued a wounded raccoon. When the raccoon arrived at RVWS, it was obvious that he had injuries to his face and had trouble walking. He was dehydrated and too scrawny to survive the winter. Someone had shot the [...]

Congratulations to Mike Perrin, winner of Sens Tickets

July 21, 2015|

Congratulations to Mike Perrin, winner of the raffle prize of two tickets to the Ottawa Senators game of his choice during the 2015-2016 season! Thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets at the Open House. (Ottawa License Number M757220)

Open House 2015

May 27, 2015|

The RVWS Open House on June 20, 2015 was a huge success, thanks to more than 500 guests, the many volunteers, the band “Grateful We’re Not Dead” who entertained us with their country tunes, a fun photo booth donated by EventBots, [...]

Donation Matching Campaign Raises $20,000

May 1, 2015|

We have wonderful news! The donation matching campaign was a massive success, thanks to your generosity. $10,000 was donated and all $10,000 was matched by the anonymous donor, for a grand total of $20,000! That will go a long way [...]

Double Your Donation

April 1, 2015|

Donate by April 20 and your gift will be matched! Orphaned wildlife babies are already arriving despite the late, cold spring. Your donation this spring can have twice the impact and give wildlife a second chance at life in the [...]

Pepe the Striped Skunk

February 23, 2015|

Pepe the Striped Skunk arrived at the sanctuary as an orphan. He also had mange, a skin mite that causes hair loss and lesions, which can lead to infection and other debilitating conditions. Fortunately, mange is easily treated with repeated [...]

Animal Control Relocates Mom, Creates Orphans

November 20, 2014|

When an Ottawa family discovered a groundhog making its home under their front steps this spring, they phoned an animal control company. Unfortunately, the animal control company did not practice humane methods – they relocated the adult groundhog and filled [...]

Sheldon the Raccoon

November 10, 2014|

Sheldon the raccoon was found at three weeks old, lying on the floor of a storage barn. When he arrived at the sanctuary, our examination showed that he was severely dehydrated and had head trauma from his fall. After two [...]

Muriel the Blanding’s Turtle

November 1, 2014|

Muriel the Blanding’s Turtle, a threatened species in Ontario, was crossing a farmer’s pasture when she was kicked by a donkey, losing a large section of her upper shell. We cleaned and dressed her wound, and gave medications to alleviate [...]

Sleepy #busfox wakes up Ottawa twitterverse

July 23, 2014|

By Samantha Wright Allen, Ottawa Sun Published on: July 23, 2014 This fox grabbed 40 winks by taking a nap on an empty OC Transpo bus. Courtesy City of Ottawa A picture of a fox curled in a cosy [...]

Fox takes nap on bus

July 23, 2014|

This fox grabbed 40 winks by taking a nap on an empty OC Transpo bus. Courtesy City of Ottawa By Doug Hempstead, Ottawa Sun Let’s call him Presto the fox, and he was a pretty big hit on [...]

Open House 2014

June 3, 2014|

Saturday, June 14, 12 - 4 p.m. North Gower (register below to receive address and driving directions) Drop in on Saturday, June 14, anytime between noon and 4 pm, for the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary's annual Open House. There will [...]

Red squirrels vs. chainsaw

June 2, 2014|

Homeowners chainsawed a dead tree and unintentionally hit a nest of baby red squirrels.  Frankenstein (right) sustained severe lacerations across his back and belly, and lost the tip of his tail.  Shelly (left) lost most of her tail. Frankenstein [...]

Harriet the Red Squirrel

May 15, 2014|

Harriet the Red Squirrel was discovered lying alone and cold on someone’s driveway. Attempts at reunification with mom were not successful so she was brought to RVWS. Harriet was released in mid-September back where she was found.

Linda Laurus

May 9, 2014|

Linda Laurus is a policy and communications consultant, having provided policy, regulatory and writing services to government clients for more than 20 years. Her specialty is environmental protection. Linda has more than 16 year’s experience working with wildlife, as a [...]

Michael Kruse

May 9, 2014|

Michael Kruse is Director of Pre-construction Services at Aecon Buildings Ottawa.  His position includes responsibility for the estimating team, tenders and budgeting, tender processes, as well as budgeting and pro-formas to assist clients. Michael has been a part-time teacher of [...]

Trapped beaver tale has a happy ending, Ottawa Citizen

April 21, 2014|

A beaver ostensibly trapped in a lock chamber of the Rideau Canal at Merrickville had locals fretting about its fate over the Easter weekend. It was finally rescued by local volunteer firefighters. On a weekend better known for [...]

Raccoon with Broken Leg

July 12, 2013|

Red the raccoon arrived at the sanctuary as an orphan with a broken leg. He required frequent trips to the veterinarian, x-rays and bandage changes for three months as his leg healed. Red's final x-ray showed that his bone had [...]

Litter of Nine Skunks

July 10, 2013|

This Striped Skunk, one in an unusually large litter of nine babies, was orphaned when something happened to mom. The homeowners watched over the babies, who were nesting under a shed in their backyard, for several days until it was [...]

Blanding’s Turtle Blues

July 1, 2013|

by Kristen Dolenko Easily identified by its domed shell and bright yellow markings, the Blanding’s Turtle is one of three turtle species most common in the Ottawa area. It is also considered a threatened and protected species at risk because [...]

Henry the 10 kg Snapping Turtle

June 15, 2013|

Henry, a 10 kg Snapping Turtle, arrived early in the season after being hit by a car. He sustained a large fracture on his carapace, or upper shell. He will have to spend the winter at RVWS to allow his [...]

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Canadian Geographic

April 18, 2013|

After a long Canadian winter, nothing screams spring like longer days, warmer temperatures, melting snow and, for the staff at the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, baby animals - lots of them! For months the Rideau Valley Animal Sanctuary has been [...]

Orphaned Raccoon Tyson

September 19, 2012|

Raccoon baby Tyson came to the sanctuary at only 2 weeks old. He was orphaned when an animal control company removed babies from an attic and put them in a heated box next to the house. Mom moved three babies, [...]

Lucky and the Tin Can

August 19, 2012|

Every year, thousands of wild animals are injured or killed because of discarded litter. RVWS recently encountered a situation that could have ended as badly had it not been for Mac and Brenda, who rescued a skunk with a tin [...]

Orphaned Skunk with Broken Jaw

July 19, 2012|

Little Amelia came to us as a lost orphan with a broken jaw. Her jaw was wired together for six weeks, healed well and she was switched gradually from a soft diet to dog kibble.

30+ Year Old Snapping Turtle

July 19, 2012|

Toby, the male 35-lb, 30+ year old snapping turtle, was our most talked-about guest. A gentle creature for a snapper (snappers appear aggressive when threatened because they cannot retract their limbs, head or tail into their shell like other species). [...]

Wildlife Sanctuary closes its doors, Ottawa

April 17, 2012|

BY TONY SPEARS, OTTAWA SUN, April 17, 2012 Lack of funds is forcing the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to shut its doors. The sanctuary "fell well short of its April 1 fundraising goal," founder Linda Laurus wrote in an e-mail [...]

Call of the wild answered in full, By Earl McRae

June 8, 2008|

By EARL MCRAE June 8, 2008 "It is just so incredible, a dream come true." -- Linda Laurus If this was an animated Disney movie, the little animals would be up and dancing all around her farmhouse. The chipmunks holding [...]

Letters to the Editor, Ottawa

May 20, 2008|

Ottawa Sun, May 20, 2008 Re "Distress call goes out," by Earl McRae (May 18): My heartiest congratulations to Earl McRae. Many is the worthy cause that he has championed over the years; however, none could be worthier than the [...]

Fox with Sarcoptic Mange

September 19, 2007|

This summer, we documented a case about an extremely sick red fox. After several attempts, the fox was successfully trapped and brought to our centre. He had a severe case of mange, a parasitic skin mite that results in hair [...]

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