Squirrels usually have two litters a year, in spring and late summer. The most common squirrels in Eastern Ontario are the Eastern Grey Squirrel (which comes in three colours: grey, black and brown), and the Red Squirrel.

When to Rescue

baby eastern grey squirrelsA baby mammal showing signs of illness or injury needs to be rescued.  Contact a licensed rehabilitator and follow the baby mammal temporary care instructions.

If a baby squirrel is following people or pets, or even crawls up your leg, it is looking for food and needs rescuing.

If you find more than one baby squirrel at the base of a tree and the nest was not destroyed, this may be a sign that the babies are orphaned and started to leave the nest. Check for signs of illness or injury, which indicate they need to be rescued.

Sometimes a baby squirrel will fall out of its nest. Usually, the mother will retrieve it as long as the baby is warm and healthy. Try reuniting the squirrel with its mother.

Reuniting with Mother

To try to reunite a squirrel baby with its mother, put it in a small box it cannot climb out of, and attach it to the trunk of the tree a few feet off the ground. Do not cover the baby with any bedding. It is very important to keep the baby warm—the mother will not retrieve a cold baby. You can fill a small soda pop bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel, and brace it inside the box. Replace the hot water frequently as it cools down. Leave the area and monitor from a distance—the mother will not return if there are people or pets around. If the mother has not retrieved the baby within a couple of hours, it might need rescuing. Never leave a baby squirrel out overnight since the mother will not retrieve it after dark. Bring the squirrel inside for the night to keep warm and put the box back outside first thing in the morning.

If you recently excluded a squirrel from your attic or other area and found babies left behind, immediately put the babies in a small box as close as possible to where you found them. Follow the above instructions.