Turtle Temporary Care Instructions

If you have found an injured turtle, take these steps until you contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice.

  • Most turtles can be safely picked up using two hands at the back of their shell. However, snapping turtles can cause severe injuries if handled incorrectly. Keep away from their head as they can snap if they feel threatened. You can use a board or shovel to move the turtle. If you have to handle a snapping turtle, you can hold the back of its shell with one hand and slide your other hand underneath.
  • Place the turtle on a damp towel in a well ventilated plastic bin with a secure lid. Do not provide any food or water.
  • Keep the container in a dark, quiet place away from people and pets. Do not provided an added heat source for turtles. Please do not cause unnecessary stress by handling, talking to or peeking at the animal.
  • To reduce stress during transportation, please turn the radio off and leave your children and pets at home.